Clinical Visits – A blog from one of our HP Nurses, Ingrid

Hi, my name is Ingrid and I am HP Homecare Clinical Visit Nurse. I have been working as a nurse for more than 20 years in hospital and community settings. I was very lucky to start my nursing journey in dialysis which gave me various opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills in renal care. However, I decided not to stay focused just on dialysis and started my professional development attending various training and courses. Wound care and tissue viability became the primary focus and that is something I am very passionate about.

My role with HP Homecare is to see the clients in their homes and to plan and provide individual tailored, patient centred holistic care and treatments. What does this actually mean? What can you expect from the Clinical visit?

Let me try to explain this using the examples from my practice. First visit is always a challenge for both of us. I am someone new who is entering your home when you are unwell and worried. But I am here to help and make you feel safe and supported during your recovery or healing journey. Initially, I will do my holistic assessment having a relaxed and detailed discussion with you about your main concern as well as your other conditions, lifestyle, your diet and medications. For example, if I am visiting someone who has a chronic wound I will not just focus on the wound. I will try to detect what is the cause of the wound, why the healing is delayed, and how this wound affects a person’s life. In other words, I am always trying to see the whole person, not just the immediate issue. After the initial assessment we will discuss your individual care plan. Care plan is always made based on the latest guidelines and best practice statements but at the same time respecting your individual needs.

Everyone is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ in nursing care.

We will plan the next visits together, according to your condition and your schedule. Every time, I will give you my feedback about the progress or changes in condition. Every step of the way I will be there to help you. For example, if there is a need in organising your medication cupboard, picking up your medications from the pharmacy, accompany you for your hospital appointment… Also, I am always happy to answer any of your health related questions and I will give my best to find the answer for you with the help and support of my HP Homecare team. The team can also assist you with organising your specialist hospital appointments or ordering your medical supplies.

As a Clinical Visit nurse I have visited patients with chronic and acute (post surgical) wounds and patients who were discharged from the hospital and they needed the support, monitoring and medication administration. Some patients needed intravenous administration of antibiotics via their PICC line and the PICC line care, sometimes the anticoagulant Therapy (Clexane injections) was required.

Your loved ones often have their worries and questions as well, sometimes they are not sure how they can help and assist you and I am here for them as well to give them advice or to teach them how to use the equipment, change the dressing or apply the compression socks for you.

My days as a Clinical visit nurse are never the same; that’s what makes my role exciting for me. What makes me happy is to see my patient return to a normal healthy life.

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