How do I find the right private care company in London and when I do, what further checks should I do?

Choosing homecare for a loved one or for yourself is a really important decision. A decision that needs to be carefully thought out in often a short time frame because the need for homecare often happens quite suddenly, irrespective of age.

For instance, you or a loved one may need homecare upon discharge from hospital and recovering from surgery. Or, perhaps you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a progressive illness to which a care plan needs to be put in place for the foreseeable future, to enable you to have care at home.

For any patient, the thought of having homecare is an overriding comfort and really helps to offset any angst they may be feeling over their diagnosed illness, or sudden loss of physical capacity.

We believe that our recently evaluated top tips for choosing the right care company are helpful to make that desicion.

Are there any tips above that we haven’t mentioned?

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